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2008 Founder's Day Celebration
2009 Founder's Day Celebration
2009 Founder's Day Parade in Brewton, Alabama
2009 Meet & Greet Kick-Off
2010 Founder's Day Celebration
2010 Keynote Speaker
2010 Founder's Day Parade in Brewton, Alabama
2010 Alumni Picnic at Sportsman Park (Brewton Alabama)
2010 Black & White Social
2010 Meet & Greet Kick- Off
2010 Teacher's Appreciation Banquet
2011 Founder's Day Celebration
2011 Keynote Speaker
2011 Alumni Parade/Festival
2011 Teacher's Appreciation Banquet
2011 Band Reunion/Social
Class of 1955 Celebrates 40 Yrs!
Class of 1969 Reunion
Class of 1969-1970 Grand Reunion
Class of 1984 Celebrates 26 Years!
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Southern Normal High School
Classes of 1969 and 1970
held a "Grand Reunion" to celebrate …o
ver 39 years of
historical education, friendship and memories
in Brewton, Alabama on June 12-14, 2009.


Thanks for Keeping the S.N.S Legacy Alive!


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CO196970/co1969.JPG CO196970/CO1970A.JPG CO196970/100_1710.JPG CO196970/100_1698.JPG
CO196970/100_1686.JPG CO196970/100_1685.JPG CO196970/100_1677.JPG CO196970/100_1690.JPG
CO196970/100_1678.JPG CO196970/100_1640.JPG CO196970/100_1669.JPG CO196970/100_1645.JPG
CO196970/100_1644.JPG CO196970/100_1650.JPG CO196970/100_1631.JPG CO196970/100_1618.JPG
CO196970/100_1626.JPG CO196970/100_1615.JPG CO196970/100_1634.JPG CO196970/100_1604.JPG
CO196970/100_1613.JPG CO196970/100_1608.JPG CO196970/100_1609.JPG CO196970/100_1602.JPG
CO196970/100_1590.JPG CO196970/100_1587.JPG CO196970/100_1598.JPG CO196970/100_1589.JPG


Information and photos submitted by, Diana Sellers Walker

Class of 1970

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Brewton Alabama * US * 36426