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Celebrating his Legacy and 100 Years of Historical Education!

Southern Normal School Alumni held its “Pre-Launch” Founders Day Program in Brewton, Alabama at ASU/SNS historical campus on February 27, 2011.

The theme was “Educating the Head, Heart and Hands; Mr. Dooley’s Love and Labor Produced a School of Excellence”.  

The program participates consisted of various SNS alumni and former educators from all over the United States.

Mrs. Mary Humphrey, former school director/graduate, Class of `50 presided as Mistress of Ceremony. It began with call to service from Mrs. Glenda Gantt, `76 after which Mrs. Minnie Carr, `62 extended a warm welcome to all alumni, family and friends.


“May The Works I've Done Speak For Me”

May the works I've done speak for me
When I'm resting in my grave,
there's nothing more to be said;
may the works I've done speak for me

The works I've done,
sometimes it seems so small,
it seems like I've done nothing at all
Lord I'm leaning and depending on You,
if I do right You're going to see me through;
may the works (the works I've done),
let it speak for me!!

Speak for me

By Keith Johnson
Dedicated to Mr. James Dooley, Sr.

Mrs. Mary Tucker, 45` former SNS educator gave a greeting address also followed by a scripture reading from Reverend Daniel Dozier.



Dr. Rosemary Watkins, ASU/SNS Campus Headmaster, extended a welcome greeting.


The traditional “Litany” was read by Mrs. Pauline Williams, `47, followed by a memorial service tribute to the (Late) Reverend Samuel Williams `41, “Litany Author”, presented by Mrs. Amanda Bell, `59, Mrs. Margret Gibson, `60, and Mr. William McGhee, `50.


The centennial choir preformed several selections lead by Mrs. Lillie Dove.

A dedication was done by Dr. Margret A. Breland Bradley, `65 to honor Southern Normal School Alumni ministers.







The keynote speaker was introduced by Mrs. Hattie McConnico`60.


Keynote Speaker, Reverend Sandra Nicholson Martin, `60 gave the program address. The program closed with alumni remarks from Evangelist Joyce Fisher, `69 and Alumni president Mrs. Rosia T. McBride, `58.


Brewton Alabama * US * 36426