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Class of 1984 Celebrates 26 Years!

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Class of 1984 Celebrates 26 Years!
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In 1984, at one of its peak attendance periods, Southern Normal High School graduated one of its largest graduating classes…Class of 1984!

With students from every corner of the globe this class brought an array of diversity, talent and culture to every subject. 

Of the 34 pictured in the photo, many have excelled in various careers and professions across the United States. From West Point Academy to Corporate America as well as Small Business Owners, Clergy and Senior Level Educators.

This is truly an example of Mr. Dooley’s (SNS Founder) core principles at its best!

Homeroom Teachers

Mrs. Amanda T. Bell and Ms. Maxine Fantroy


Mr. W.F. Royster

Class Officers

President:  Chanel Reeves

Vice President:  Reginald Williams
Secretary:  Inger Williams
Assistant Secretary:  Tony Wilmer
Treasurer:  Franchon Stanley
Business Managers:  Rita Brazile and Bobby Odom
Class Reporters:  William Stallworth and Alesia Brooks
Historians:  Debbie Campbell and Patricia Dodson

Parliamentarians:  Garfield Watson and Kelvin Williams

Class Colors

Pink & Gray

Class Flower

Red Rose

Class Motto

“Take the world as you find it and leave it a better place”


First Row: Debbie Campbell, Patricia Dodson, Alesia Brooks, Tony Wilmer, Channel Reeves, Reginald Williams, Rita Brazile, Franchon Stanley, Inger Williams. Middle Row: Rosa Smith, Dianetta McConnico, Kim Dukes, Carol Barton, Paula Long, Shelia Smith, Glynnis Washington, Samantha Craig, Leonard Dixon, Eddie Smith, Scottie Bradley, Renee’ Barton, Bobby Odom, Antonio Foster, William Stallworth,  Reginald Williams, Kenneth Gatlin, Craig Stevens, Vaughn Franklin, Robert Wesley, Danny Bradley, Kelvin Williams, Ganier Spears, Garfield Watson and Timothy Stokes.

Photo & Information submitted by: Rita Folmar


Brewton Alabama * US * 36426